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HRB Assignments - Oct, Nov, Dec

The Chronomancy building definitely looked different this time round - probably due to the fact that it had been overrun by plants. The inside of the building wasn't any different. Plants crawled up and down the walls while roots, flowers and vines filled every nook and cranny. The occasional mushroom was also often spotted under the furniture, much to some of the student's disgust. Despite Halloween being right around the corner, the room seemed to lack Halloween decorations. The only hints of Halloween in the room was a small pumpkin residing on the professor's desk and a little moon stuck onto the window. Perhaps the professor just wasn't as familiar with the holiday. The classroom felt strangely alive, as if it something else was inhabiting the room.

Zhi sat proudly at their desk with a smug expression. The flowers decorating the professor blue haired seemed to bloom as they rose from their desk and beamed at all of their new student
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Blue Goldstone by Ro-Thorn Blue Goldstone :iconro-thorn:Ro-Thorn 8 1 ~Newest child~ by SpokenUnsteady ~Newest child~ :iconspokenunsteady:SpokenUnsteady 10 2 Headshot2 by thespaceace63 Headshot2 :iconthespaceace63:thespaceace63 3 0 day 12 by Falling-Wish day 12 :iconfalling-wish:Falling-Wish 6 3 DAY 10?????? - spook snarl soft - design trades by sclongami DAY 10?????? - spook snarl soft - design trades :iconsclongami:sclongami 62 11 day 5 by Falling-Wish day 5 :iconfalling-wish:Falling-Wish 5 0
p.s!! u can join before you complete ur entry!! <:33c
hello all!! recently i reached 500+ watchers and to celebrate,, i figured that i'd hold a draw my oc's contest!!! raffle's are great n all,, but aren't rlly that interactive,, so i went with a contest this time instead!! >;3c
the deadline is the 24TH OF NOVEMBER, 10:00 PM EST !
please note that if less than 20 people join, however, the contest will be cancelled, so please spread the word!! <:"^Cc🎁 PRIZES!!! 🎁
examples of my art!

- 500:points: or 1 month of core membership!
- 1 full-body drawing or 1 custom design 
- 1 thigh-up drawing
- 1 bust drawing from moemeows
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OPEN Commissions and Customs
I really need to make like 17$ real quick! So I have a few limited commission options
I can do humans, anthros, and ferals 
I'll take money and points, but I'd REALLY prefer money right now because I don't have core and I don't want to wait 2 weeks lol :,)
OPTION 1:  traditional colored half body, $10, 1000 pts
OPTION 2:  traditional colored full body, $15, 1500 pts 
OPTION 3:  digital colored head shot, $6, 600 pts 
OPTION 4:  lineless digital colored full body, $20, 2000 pts
OPTION 5:  custom character, $20-25, 2000/2500 pts
Comment below or note me if you're interested!
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gd - atticus lee
Name: Atticus Lee
Gender: agender, they/them he/him pronouns
Sexuality: pansexual demiromantic
Age: 29
Height/Weight: 5'11" | underweight
Nationality: Korean
Favorite Drink: isn't much of a drinker, but prefers white wine
+focused +intelligent +curious
-distracted -blunt -distant

Atticus is a bit of a workaholic. They like to focus all of their energy on a single goal, such as solving a particular puzzle or mystery. While they usually play it safe, occasionally their curiosity gets the better of them. They won't hesitate to lie and cheat their way up the ladder, and while they prefer not to get their hands dirty, they do what they have to do.

Atticus was born into a well-off family as Deok-su Lee. When they were 19, Japan annexed Korea. At their parent's urge, Atticus fled to America and attended a university in New York. In order to adapt, they changed their name and learned the language. As time went on, it seemed impossible for Atticus to return home.

They managed to take the bar exam and became a defense attorney, but the lack of work caused them to turn to more... underhanded methods. Their prestige as a lawyer increased with a few well placed bribes, and at times, key witnesses would just... disappear. Forged evidence also led to their victory.

A night out after a particularly wealthy client got acquitted, a familiar face, and a blood stain on a pinstriped suit is all Atticus remembers before waking up in the city of Derne.

tl;dr: they're a shady lawyer who dabbled in bribes, forged evidence, and the occasional murder in order to further their career before getting offed by a victim of one of their previous cases

Attack Tier 1
Energy Collecting 1 - I + II
Attack Tier 2
Shadow Limbs 2
Shadow Blink 3

Likes and Dislikes: +tea +books +the occasional cigarette +pinstriped suits | -american foods -sweet foods -getting their clothes dirty
-their korean is a bit rusty
-no matter what they do, their hair Just Won't Stay Straight
-ambidextrous; born a lefty
-the monocle's just for show
-why did they choose the name Atticus? probably someone horribly misheard and mispronounced their name so they just gave up

-fountain pen

Dollahs: $0
Prestige: none

Shipping: I don't mind, as long as it's not forced!
RP method: discord or skype! Just hmu whenever c:
2b7bdefe-f968-46a6-865d-189cec27a516 by kat-eunhyeo8d175900-8924-44d1-81f1-4f732bc762df by kat-eunhyeo40ddc8fe-7976-4f58-aea8-13893fb0db11 by kat-eunhyeo

gonna do these for a bit while im in the colour pencil mood!

headshot/chibi - 300 points
halfbody - 500 points
fullbody - 700 points

+character - 300 points
+bg - 200 points
+lined - 200 points
+complex character - 200 points

it'll be in full colour! unfortunately, i don't have a scanner, but i'll try to make the picture quality as nice as possible c:

form (please comment it below!)
character reference(s):
type of sketch + any addons:
extra (poses, personality, etc):


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