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dip n dots by kat-eunhyeo dip n dots :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 7 1 bath by kat-eunhyeo
Mature content
bath :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 17 3
3 am smoke by kat-eunhyeo
Mature content
3 am smoke :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 9 2
kis numero uno by kat-eunhyeo kis numero uno :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 10 0 gd - jimin yi by kat-eunhyeo gd - jimin yi :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 14 7 memento mori by kat-eunhyeo
Mature content
memento mori :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 9 2
Custom 18 by kat-eunhyeo Custom 18 :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 12 3
here's the thing
Here’s the thing:
Claude Abney is dead.
Claude is dead, and Atticus is alive. It isn’t fair, and it isn’t right, but it is what it is, and so they find themself alone yet again.
(you would think that after so many times they would’ve been used to it already, but they still sleep on the right side of the bed and they still wear his shirts and they still put out two cups of tea when they wake up.)
They go to work. They go to work and stay longer than the should, and leave later than they should, because they don’t have a reason to go home. They take walks late at night and forget to bring a coat, and they eat out more often that not.
They try to go home, and they find themself standing in front of his door, and then they sleep in his bed. And then they wake up in his shirt, and if they don’t open their eyes, they can almost pretend that he’s there. That maybe, he's just in the kitchen humming to himself.
And then they do it the next day, and the
:iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 8 8
candlelight by kat-eunhyeo candlelight :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 14 2 gd sketch dump 7 by kat-eunhyeo gd sketch dump 7 :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 12 2 Custom 17 by kat-eunhyeo Custom 17 :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 8 2 stabby taffy by kat-eunhyeo
Mature content
stabby taffy :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 14 0
does it hurt? by kat-eunhyeo
Mature content
does it hurt? :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 10 2
scratchy scratchy by kat-eunhyeo scratchy scratchy :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 14 6 Commission 103 by kat-eunhyeo Commission 103 :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 13 2 summer lovin' by kat-eunhyeo summer lovin' :iconkat-eunhyeo:kat-eunhyeo 15 2


Sketch commission for kat-eunhyeo by Julia-Kisteneva Sketch commission for kat-eunhyeo :iconjulia-kisteneva:Julia-Kisteneva 38 2 GD || Esther Abney by Syd-Nick GD || Esther Abney :iconsyd-nick:Syd-Nick 12 4 {F-T} Shut up Fish Face by OCT-Willpower {F-T} Shut up Fish Face :iconoct-willpower:OCT-Willpower 5 6 GD || After hours by xkltran GD || After hours :iconxkltran:xkltran 13 1 [GD] - Out of Order - Depths by CrowFaced [GD] - Out of Order - Depths :iconcrowfaced:CrowFaced 54 5 GD - Doodle Dump 3 by Niladhevan GD - Doodle Dump 3 :iconniladhevan:Niladhevan 20 11 [Commission] 3 by Always-Tea-Time [Commission] 3 :iconalways-tea-time:Always-Tea-Time 7 11 comm494 by xlerotl comm494 :iconxlerotl:xlerotl 39 1 GD: Shelby by vampire-chicken GD: Shelby :iconvampire-chicken:vampire-chicken 10 2 GD: Doodles by Laze-A GD: Doodles :iconlaze-a:Laze-A 12 5
Commission Info (CLOSED)
1 USD = 100 Points 

NewBust Option Available! 
Commission Type 1


Bust: 5 USD/500 Points | Half Body : 10 USD/1000 Points  | Full Body 15 USD/ 1500 Points  | + half price for each extra character


Bust: 7 USD/700 Points | Half Body : 15 USD/1500
:iconassorteda-art:AssortedA-Art 19 0
Time I need to finish your commish: from 2 days to 2 weeks (depends on the amount of commishes I have atm)
Payment: points and PayPal are both accepted 
YES to: anthro, NSFW, simple animation (like blinking), chibi, reference sheets
NO to: mecha, monsters (like orcs, etc), furry, very complicated backgrounds 
1 = 400Points/$4 
2 = 800Points/$8

1 = 600Points/$6
2 = 1200Points/$12 

1 = 800
:iconjulia-kisteneva:Julia-Kisteneva 27 57
Fullbody/Halfbody Couple Comms |Tentatively Open|
Okay I'm just gonna say the reason for this
I wanna commission these artists but I don't have enough points
Aaand probably a few more that I can't remember rn
That, and I want to practice anatomy-
The base price will be 500p for a fullbody, and 700p for a couple, but it may raise depending on the complexity of the character/pose
The halfbodies don't necessarily have to be for couples of course, but the max is two characters
I'm more partial to fullbodies though, since drawing two characters together and figuring out how they interact is hard and draining-

Naruto Ships
Most Fandoms
KakashixOC (Sorry, I'm just not comfortable with drawing it.)
IrukaxOC (Sorry, I'm just not comfortable with draw
:iconnointegri-tae:NoIntegri-Tae 13 66
GD | Sketchdump 1 by AnjieZombie GD | Sketchdump 1 :iconanjiezombie:AnjieZombie 12 4
Waiting for Twinnie to leave was a bit of a boresome task. While standing and waiting for the woman to be gone, he smoked with long drags in the shadows until she finished her speech and display. Finally, she did so and pompously walked out of the secret storage room in direction of whatever business she needed to attend. Calm, collected and without rush he counted, letting extra time pass. He knew that someone could die if he took too long, but he wasn't up to facing the snaky woman if she decided to turn back. Twinnie had always been quite a headache to deal with. An incredible woman she was, but too sunken in her own imagination of power that she often took action even without consulting the Golden Girl.
Once sure Twinnie was gone, his claws shifted and he had to be careful to only let them extend to a certain point, faking "the key" to this storage room. With a last thick puff of smoke from his cigarette, he stared as one eyebrow rose high smiling then lightly as he managed to open
:icongolden-dernee:Golden-Dernee 2 0
GD: Rose's House by GlitterKiddo GD: Rose's House :iconglitterkiddo:GlitterKiddo 14 5



dip n dots
o hey this is kinda old lol

esther belongs to :iconsyd-nick:

worth $410 for a total of $12310
wowwww i havent done a personal thing in a while lol
filter is for nudity from the back

bonus sketches:

commissions are still open!
3 am smoke
filter is for bare chest

esther belongs to :iconsyd-nick:

worth $530 for a total of $11440
kis numero uno
god i love my big buff wife
esther belongs to :iconsyd-nick:

worth $560 for a total of $10760 + 1 prestige
2b7bdefe-f968-46a6-865d-189cec27a516 by kat-eunhyeo8d175900-8924-44d1-81f1-4f732bc762df by kat-eunhyeo40ddc8fe-7976-4f58-aea8-13893fb0db11 by kat-eunhyeo

gonna do these for a bit while im in the colour pencil mood!

headshot/chibi - 300 points
halfbody - 500 points
fullbody - 700 points

+character - 300 points
+bg - 200 points
+lined - 200 points
+complex character - 200 points

it'll be in full colour! unfortunately, i don't have a scanner, but i'll try to make the picture quality as nice as possible c:

form (please comment it below!)
character reference(s):
type of sketch + any addons:
extra (poses, personality, etc):


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kat-eunhyeo Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
!!! Nice! just lmk what u want me to draw!
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